How to send a message to my List. (for Announcement Lists)

Send a message to your List using your email software or the web interface.

Using the Web Interface

Log into your mail-list account at

  • Click Send Message.
  • Add a Subject Line
  • Select an email address to send the confirmation
  • Add text to Your Message
  • Add Attachments (optional)
  • Choose when to send the email.
  • Click Preview to review the message.
To use the web interface, log into your mail-list account, click on "Send A Message To Your List" and fill out the details:

Preview & Send

Preview your message in the next window.

  • Click Send Now, if no changes are required, or
  • Click Cancel to make changes and/or send later.
On the next screen, you can preview your message. Hit "Send Message" or "Go Back" to make changes.

Using email to Send a New Message

To send a message to your List from YOUR email address:

  • Create a new message in your email software.
  • Enter your List Name email address in the To: Field.
  • Enter your secret email address in the Bcc: Field.
    NOTE: Your secret address in included in your QuickStart Manual.
To send a message to your list from your email address, please create a new message in your email reader, making your email headers look like this:

Add your message to the email body. After clicking Send, the email is sent to each email address on your List.

Your Subscriber will see their email address in the To: header line and also at the very bottom of your message. They will not see any other Subscriber email addresses.

The secret address in the BCC field is necessary for security purposes.

Your message will not be delivered to your Mailing List without it.