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HELP: A Subscriber said they received 80 or more copies of my message. How do I make stop sending? is not the problem

We are confident servers did not send multiple message copies to the Subscriber.  We have not experienced our servers making this type of error.

If and when does have problems, you would be hearing from MANY Subscribers...not just one.

What could cause this problem?

ISP Issue

Various ISPs have email troubles on a regular basis. They run out of disk space or have other operational problems that cause email to be placed in your Subscriber's mailbox many times.

This problem typically revolves around:

  • Subscriber's ISP disk being close to full.
  • Subscriber's personal mailbox being close to its size quota.

When your message is delivered to their Inbox, an error is triggered. This happens even though the message was successfully delivered. This often happens with larger messages. The Subscriber may receive several small messages, but your larger message goes over the quota.

Mail Filter Rule

We have also experienced duplicates caused by mail filtering rules in your Subscriber's email software.

If several rules are set up that apply to your message, some software will create a duplicate copy for each additional rule.

How can I help my Subscriber?

Check the delivery logs for the Subscriber.

The logs show the audit trail of our server attempting to deliver the message. (Learn how to Troubleshoot Delivery.) The delivery log should show each message being sent once to your Subscriber.

Forward the log entry to your Subscriber, and ask them to forward to their ISP about the delivery issue.

If the log does show the same message being delivered more than once, please contact us at