How to reactivate a Subscriber that reported your Mailing List as Spam.

Some ISPs (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL) allow their users to flag email as Spam. If your Subscriber reports a mailing list email as Spam, the ISP notifies us. Then, we remove that person from your List.

Sometimes, the person made a mistake. They ask you to put them back on the List.

Simply "renew" their email address to again receive your List messages.

Step One:  Check Audit Trail Report

If your Audit Trail report says Address Unsubscribed - Address On Your Reject List, you must first remove that Subscriber from the Reject List.

Follow the instructions in Step Two below.

If your audit trail report ever says - Address Unsubscribed - Address On Your Reject List

Step Two:  Renew Subscriber

Log into your mail-list account at

  • Click Manage Subscribers.
  • Click Special Handling For Subscribers.
  • Enter Subscriber email address.
  • Choose Renew.
  • Choose email to send results.
  • Click Special Handling for Subscribers button.
Enter their address in the input block and click the Delete from the Reject List

Subscriber will immediately be removed from Reject List and added to your Mailing List.