How new members subscribe to your List/Newsletter.

New Subscribers can be automatically added, or you can approve them individually.

In either case, all new Subscribers are added using the Confirmed Opt-In Process.

Overview of the Process

New Member Sign Up

New Subscribers find you in various ways, including advertising, email campaigns, your website, word of mouth, referrals, etc.

You can choose to have all new members email you directly. Then, you add them manually to your List. For step-by-step instructions, please see this post.

Alternatively, new members can send their subscription request through your web page. Please refer to this post for more information about setting up your web page.

Confirmed Opt-In steps

After you add a Subscriber or they sign up via your website, the Confirmed Opt-In process begins.

They receive an email asking them to reply or click a link to confirm their subscription.

Approval Needed or Automatic?

The Automatic Option works like this:
1. The Subscriber hits Reply to the above email OR clicks the link.
2. Their email address is added to your List.
3. They receive the Welcome Message.

The Approval Option works like this:
1. You update your account to always require approval before adding new members.
2. You receive an email requesting approval.
3. Once you reply to that email, the new member's email address is added.
4. They receive the Welcome Message.

When requiring new member approval, be sure the Approve Each Subscriber option is turned on in your account. Please refer to these instructions for help.

Example of Acknowledgement Message when approval is required.

When the Approve Each Subscriber option is turned on, the potential new Subscriber receives this Acknowledgement Message.

If the "Approve Each Subscriber" option is on, then the subscriber will be sent an Acknowledgement Message, which may look like this:

You are sent a Request to Approve the subscription:

You will also be sent an email to approve the subscription, which will look like this:

1. The body of the email will be blank.
2. Reply to this message to add the new Subscriber to your List.

If you do not reply to this email, the Subscriber will not be added nor receive a Welcome Message.

Example of Welcome Message

The subscriber will get your Welcome Message after their email address is subscribed. Here is an example:

Customize the Welcome Message by accessing your account to make changes.