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HELP: What happens when my Subscriber's ISP bounces my message?

Mail-List.com wants to ensure all of your Subscribers are able to receive your messages. Sometimes, Subscribers' ISPs bounce back messages to our system with an error. The Subscribers do not receive the message.

For example, the bounce error may state: "The message contains SPAM-like characteristics." In that case, we follow the BRDS process - our Bounce Re-delivery System.

Workflow of BRDS:

Here is an overview of BRDS:

BRDS Notifications

The Bounce Re-delivery System analyzes the bounce error. If the message is rejected due to Spam, the following happens:

  • BRDS sends an email to the Subscriber with a web page link to view the original message.
  • BRDS also sends a message to you (the List Owner) advising about the situation.
  • In most cases, the ISP is also notified about the error.

The email we send to your Subscriber does not contain your original message, just a link. By sending only a link, the ISP will likely NOT reject the message a second time.

Example Emails

Example of a message sent to the Subscribers.

Example of a notification message sent to the List Owner.