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HELP: I'm not receiving emails I've sent to the Listserv/Mailing List.

How Mail-List.com handles List emails

Mailing lists typically put the author's email address in the From: Header of the email.

By doing this, all Subscribers know who sent the email.

Red Flags to your ISP

We show your email address in the From: Header, but the email is actually delivered by one of Mail-List.com's servers. Normally, any emails sent "from" you are delivered by your ISP.

Your ISP notices this difference and assumes it must be spam. Often, spam emails are made to "look like" they are being sent from your own address.

Your ISP's reaction

Your ISP accepts the email, but then "drops it on the floor". That means, they simply do not allow it into your mail box.....not even your Spam/Junk folder.

How can I prevent this from happening?

Ask your ISP if they can create an exception for your Mailing List messages.

The easiest solution is for your ISP to whitelist all Mail-List.com IP addresses.

How can I make sure my messages are being delivered?

Check our short-term web archive to confirm your messages are listed there. Please ask your List Moderator for the password.

Visit this website:  https://member.mail-list.com/missing/youremailgroup

Replace youremailgroup with your Mailing List name.