Finding attachments downloaded in Mozilla Firefox 3.6.3.

Sometimes, you receive a link in email that prompts you to download an attachment.

This post explains how to find the attachment in your computer using Firefox 3.6.3.

How to find the attachment

  • Click Tools
  • Click Downloads
In Firefox 3.6.3, to locate your attachment, click on Tools and then Downloads:

To open the file, double-click on it.

To locate the folder where the attachment is residing:

  • Right click the file.
  • Choose Open Containing Folder.

How to change the default download location

  • Click Tools.
  • Click Options.
  • In the General tab, select Save Files to button and browse to choose download location.
To change your default folder, click on Tools and then Options. Under the General tab, you will be able to choose where to download the attachments: