Reading plain-text email recommends all clients utilize "Mobile First" Formatting, which includes the use of plain-text email.

If your plain-text emails are difficult to read, please use the helpful links below to change your font settings.

What is plain-text email?

Plain-text emails are just that - plain text. They are the email equivalent to a letter written on a typewriter—no images, no pretty fonts, no hyperlinks. (from the Litmus Blog)

What is HTML email?

Most likely, the majority of messages you receive are HTML email. This format can contain graphics, colors, links, special fonts and various type sizes. These specifications are set by the sender. Their software adds formatting codes to the email message, so it appears the same for any recipient.

HTML emails can look very professional, just like a website. Many businesses prefer to use this format for consistent marketing efforts. The problem is.....this format can also cause some issues:

  • Viruses and malware can be easily hidden.
  • Smartphone users may have difficulty viewing.
  • Background images & other HTML content may not be supported in all viewing software.