Sender Avatars or Photos in Digest

The Digest version can display an avatar or photo for each person who posted a message to the List. These photos are connected to Gravatar, a free service that provides an avatar for use online.

The photo is helpful for remembering people met at in-person conferences & meetings, Zoom calls, etc.

Example of photos in a Digest email

If Mailing List members have not posted their photo or avatar at Gravatar, a blank silhouette is shown.

The digest with photos looks like this

Gravatar is Free

This is a free service for website owners, developers, and users. A account is required in order to utilize the Gravatar service.

For more information, please visit the Gravatar web site - How to Sign Up for an Account.

Anybody can upload their photo or avatar at Gravatar for free.

Important Note

The email address used with a Gravatar account must match the address used in a Mailing List.

Once the Gravatar account is created, the next Digest email will include any new photos.