Using AOL on a smartphone and Report As Spam

In this post, we discuss:

  • Report as Spam button
  • Smartphone apps
  • How to change settings in an AOL account.
  • How to be added back to your Mailing List.

How does Report as Spam work on the desktop/web interface?

When using AOL desktop or web interface for email, there is a Report as Spam button available. When that button is clicked, AOL reports it to us. We automatically remove the Subscriber from the Mailing List.

The Report as Spam button is sometimes clicked by accident, especially since it's right next to the Delete button.

Other times, people will select a large group of emails, and report them all as Spam. Sometimes, that group of emails will include one of their Mailing List messages by mistake.

How does Report as Spam work on my Smartphone?

With Smartphone apps, there is no Report as Spam button like desktop versions.

You can still report an email as spam, but it's often within a menu and not a separate button.

Can I check my AOL account using Apple Mail?

Yes. You can use the AOL Mail Smartphone app, which is available for both Android and iOS.

If you have an iPhone, you can also use Apple Mail to view your AOL email account.

Note about using Apple Mail to view AOL email

In Apple Mail, there is a JUNK folder. This is simply a mirror of the AOL account. Apple Mail is not causing the email to be marked as Spam. It is only showing how AOL has classified the email.

My smartphone keeps reporting Mailing List emails as spam. How can I stop this?

Sometimes, AOL may move a message from the Mailing List into the Spam/Junk folder. When you then view email on your Smartphone, the Smartphone app may "Report as Spam" as if you clicked the desktop button.

Whenever an email is reported as spam, we automatically remove the Subscriber from the Mailing List.

If you are being removed from your Mailing List because of this issue, follow the instructions below.

Change spam settings in your AOL Account.

Log into your AOL account and adjust/turn off the Spam Settings. This will prevent any email from being flagged as spam. You may need to add your Mailing List's address to the Whitelist in your account. Review the posts below for help.

Manage spam and privacy in AOL mail

Update AOL Mail settings

I accidentally clicked "Report as Spam". How do I get back on the Mailing List?

You have 2 options:

  • Ask the List Owner to add your address back to the Mailing List.
  • Email [email protected], and one of's representatives will help.