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Bounce Message Notice and Mail-List.com's BRDS (Bounce Re-delivery System)

When your email hosting service bounces back an error message to our system, you are automatically sent a message by our Bounce Re-Delivery System (BRDS).

Don't worry if you don't understand the entire content of this message.

Technical information is included about the bounced email. Please share those details with your email hosting service. The details of the bounce issue can help them solve the delivery problem.

Example Bounce Message

Dear Mailing List Subscriber:

Your email hosting company blocked the following messages(s) that you signed up for:

   General Discussion Topics for emailgroup Members

You can read your missing emails(s) at:


   User Name = emailgroup
   Password = mygroup

And here's an example of the email subject that we have on one rejection.

   RE: [emailgroup] Today's Update

The following information contains some technical information which is actually meant for your email hosting company. Please file a support ticket with them and copy and paste the following details:

2020-10-20 13:58:39 1kUs90-0001ZJ-V7 ** [email protected] F=<[email protected]> R=dkim_edg T=dkim_edg_smtp H=mail.example.com [123.456.78.999] X=TLS1.2:ECDHE_RSA_AES_256_GCM_SHA384:256 CV=no DN="OU=Domain Control Validated, CN=mail.example.com": SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data: 500 Message denied access due to content filters in effect

Ask them to fix the problem so that your next email is delivered.

Your email was sent from our delivery machines.  The particular delivery machine(s) used to deliver your email is:

   mars.mail-list.com at IP Address
   neptune.mail-list.com at IP Address
   pluto.mail-list.com at IP Address

The next message may come from a different delivery machine of ours. The best solution is for your email hosting company to whitelist all of our IP Addresses, which are listed at:


Ask them to cut and paste all of our IP Addresses, so that they will not block future emails.

If your email hosting company whitelists by the From Address, then the Envelope From Address(es) is:

[email protected]

We use that address since this is a mailing list, and not personal email from the list owners' personal address(es), in this case:

[email protected]

Your email hosting company can contact us at


Action by your email hosting company is the only solution, but if you want to share your frustrations with your list moderator, please forward this email to [email protected]

Thank you.


p.s.  And if you want to unsubscribe or change your address, just click the following link:

General Discussion Topics for emailgroup Members:
https://member.mail-list.com/u?ln=emailgroup&[email protected]

1302 Waugh Dr. #438
Houston, TX 77019

Can I still view Mailing List emails?


Follow the link included in the Bounce Message email. Enter the special username and password to view them online.

Here is an explanation of some important parts of the message:

What part do I need to share with my ISP/email hosting service?

Give the highlighted technical information below to your provider. It should help them to solve the delivery issue.