Finding attachments downloaded in Windows or Internet Explorer

Sometimes, you receive a link in email that prompts you to download an attachment.

This post explains where to find the attachment in your computer when using Windows 10, Internet Explorer, Windows 8.1, Windows 7.

Open vs Save

Windows automatically gives you the option to Open or Save the attachment.

  • Choose Open to view the file.
  • Choose Save to keep a copy of the file on your local computer.

If you choose Open then make changes to the file, be sure to save the file to your computer. Any changes made do not update the attachment.

Internet Explorer automatically gives you the option to open or save the attachment. If you select "save", you can choose where to save it on your computer:

To view files downloaded from email, check the default download location under This PC > Downloads.

To view files downloaded while using Internet Explorer, open Internet Explorer, select Tools button, then select View downloads. This shows what was downloaded from the web, where the items are stored on your PC, and allows you to choose actions to take on your downloads.

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