Subscriber Management Web Page adds an Unsubscribe link to the bottom of each email.

Sometimes, this link also includes options to switch to/from Digest, go on/off vacation, or change your email address. Click the link to manage your settings.

The link may look like this:

View an actual Subscription Management web page by clicking the link below.
Example web page link:[email protected]

Example Subscription Management Web Page

Help! The link is not working.

Sometimes, email software or a web browser may truncate the link. Without the complete address, the clickable link will not work.

This problem has been reported when the following software is used:

Windows 10 - Internet Explorer
Windows 8 and 8.1 - Internet Explorer
Windows 7 - Internet Explorer

Copy the link from an email and paste into a different browser. (IE Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc.)