Send a message from our web page.

Sending a message to your discussion group is easiest using your normal email software.

When that is not possible, you can use a web page instead.

Step One - Determine the URL

  1. You will need the name of your Mailing List.
    For example, if you normally send an email to [email protected], then youremailgroup is the name of the List.
  2. Add the name to the end of this URL:[insert name here]
  3. Navigate to that URL.
    In our example, we would navigate to:

Step Two - Message

Complete the highlighted areas:

Enter your subject line, email address and message
  • Add any attachments.
    Simply click the Choose File button and add from your computer.
  • Click Preview Message to view.
  • Click Send Now, when your message is complete.
Double check your message, and press Send Message Now


You are done, and your message will be sent to your list.