Moderate only certain Subscribers.

In general, most Mailing Lists can be unmoderated. This means you do not monitor for inappropriate or offensive content, argumentative behavior, bad language, etc.

Sometimes, you might have a troublemaker or two. For just these certain people, you may want their messages reviewed and approved by a List Moderator before sending to your List.

Let's refer to these folks as being on the "Censored List".

Use the Web Interface

Log into your mail-list account at

  • Click Manage Subscribers.
  • Click Special Handling For Subscribers.
  • Add email addresses to be moderated.
  • Click Add To Inspect Messages List.
  • Select an email address to send results.
  • Click Special Handling for Subscribers.
Add the email addresses into the input form

From this point forward, any messages sent from these Subscribers are first sent to a List Moderator for approval.

We do not notify your Subscriber that their messages must be approved prior to distribution.

How to Approve

As a List Moderator, simply reply to the email to approve their message. Our server will then forward to your List.

Report of those on the Censored List

  • Go to your main menu.
  • Click Get Reports.
  • Click Send Reports via Email.
  • Choose Subscribers Needing Approval.
  • Select email address to send report.
  • Click Send Reports.
Select Subscribers Needing Approval