Pause a Subscriber from sending messages.

This option allows any Moderator to put the author of a Mailing List message into Temporary Timeout.

Timeout means they cannot send any messages to the Mailing List. You choose how many days they are paused.

NOTE: List Moderators will never be blocked from sending messages.

Use the Web Interface

Log into your mail-list account at

  • Click Customize Your List.
  • Click Posting Messages to List.

Scroll to the bottom of the Menu.

  • Click Moderator Can Put An Author Into A Timeout For Everybody.
  • Click Yes.
  • Click Save.

For all Moderators, a new link will start appearing at the bottom of messages.


How the Author is affected

The author will not be able to send any messages during the specified time period.

If the author tries to send, they will receive this email:

Oops, your message didn't go out to the XXXX mailing list

You have been blocked from the XXXX mailing list for # days.

You are still a member of the list and will receive all list messages.

But you cannot post to the list in this period.

The block started at 2020-09-17 11:04:08 UTC.  It will end on 2020-09-20 11:04:08 UTC.

After that time, you'll be able to post to the list once again.

Thank you.