Subscriber Domain Reports

Two reports are available to provide various details about Subscriber Domains.

  1. Email Authentication in use
  2. % of Subscribers using specific domains

1. Domains with Email Authentication implemented

Every domain name has the opportunity to define what servers will send their outgoing email along with specific email authentication. Once authentication is set, other ISPs must follow the directions. Otherwise, forged emails are accepted from places where they are not supposed to be sent from.

These authentication settings include SPF, DMARC and DKIM. These settings are in DNS and list valid IP addresses along with related options. For details, see the various links below:

How to Explain SPF in Plain English
How to Explain DKIM in Plain English

How to Explain DMARC in Plain English

Use the Web Interface

Log in to your account.

  • Click Get Reports.
  • Click Email Authentication Report.
  • Click View Report.

Example Report

A new web browser tab opens showing the report details. The report is generated once per day, so current domain status may not be shown. (Click image for larger view.)


2. Subscribers using Specific Domains

This report shows a breakdown of the number of Subscribers by their domain name. It lists the most frequently occurring domain names on your List, as well as the percentage of Subscribers at each of the top domains.

Log in to your account.

From the Main Menu:

  • Click Get Reports
  • Click Send Reports Via Email.
  • Click Domain Name Report.
  • Choose an email address to send the report. 
  • Click Send Reports

Example Report