Common Abbreviations in electronic messages.

Abbreviations when texting are common and often used in email....even in business communications. Sometimes, it feels like they deserve their own dictionary!

Common Abbreviations when Texting

BRB  -  Be right back
BTW  -  By the way
FWIW  -  For what it’s worth
HMU  -  Hit me up
ICYMI  -  In case you missed it.
IDK  -  I don’t know
IMHO  -  In my humble opinion
IMO  -  In my opinion
LMK  -  Let me know.
LOL  -  Laugh out loud
NVM  -  Nevermind.
OOTD  -  Outfit of the day
QOTD  -  Quote of the day
RN  -  Right now
ROFL  -  Rolling on floor laughing.
STFU  -  Shut the *swear word!* up.
TBA  -  To be announced
TBD  -  To be decided
TBF  -  To be frank
TBH  -  To be honest.
TGIF  -  Thank goodness it's Friday.
TL;DR  -  Too long, didn't read.
TTYL  -  Talk to you later

Business Text Abbreviations]

AKA  -  Also known as
ASAP  -  As soon as possible
DIY  -  Do it yourself
EOD  -  End of day
FAQ  -  Frequently asked question
LMGTFY  -  Let me Google that for you
N/A  -  Not applicable or not available
NP  -  No problem
OOO  -  Out of office
TIA  -  Thanks in advance

Text Message Marketing Acronyms and Jargon

5G  -  5th generation, meaning the newest generation of mobile communications
CTA  -  Call to action
CTR  -  Click-through rate
MMS  -  Multimedia messaging service
RCS  -  Rich communication services
ROI  -  Return on investment
SMS  -  Short message service
UGC  -  User-generated content