Prevent Subscribers from being added.

To prevent certain email addresses from ever being added to your List, add them to your REJECT list.

Then, anytime an Owner/Moderator tries to add them, or they try to add themselves, the attempt will be silently ignored.

When to use this option:

  • Use the REJECT option to prevent trouble-makers from joining your List.
  • If a member does not follow your rules and their membership is revoked, add them to the REJECT list. This prevents them from using a link in a past email to join again.

Use the Web Interface to Change Settings

Log into your mail-list account at

  • Click Manage Subscribers.
  • Click Special Handling For Subscribers.
  • Enter the email addresses to be rejected.
  • Select Add To Reject List.
  • Choose email to send a confirmation.
  • Click Special Handling for Subscribers.
Enter the addresses you want to silently reject and select the Add To Reject List radio button

To remove email addresses from your REJECT list:

Go to the same menu as above, except choose Delete from Reject List.

Report Options

Find out which email addresses are on the REJECT list by using Subscriber Reports.