Member List: Verify a Subscriber is on the List.

Use the Web Interface

Log into your mail-list account at

  • Click Manage Subscribers
  • Click Troubleshoot Subscriber Email Address
  • Enter the Subscriber's email address.
  • Click the radio button preceding Subscriber History. (option for this list or all lists)
  • Choose an email address to send the results. 
  • Click Troubleshoot Subscriber.
Enter the subscriber's email address and click on the radio button preceding "Subscriber History" and the email address where you want to receive the results:

Example email confirming the action


If the Subscriber is a member of your List, you receive this email:

This is how the second email will look like (assuming that the subscriber is actually a part of your list):


If the email address is NOT found on your List, you receive the email below.
Any history of that email address's subscriptions and removals is included.

In case the subscriber is not on your list, this is how the email from our system may look like: