ZIP Files: Allow to be sent to your Mailing List.

To protect our users, rejects email with various types of attachments (described below).

If your Subscribers need to share certain types of compressed files, please use the instructions below to allow them. (For example, the common ZIP file.)

How to Allow Certain Compressed Files

Log into your mail-list account at

  • Click Customize Your List.
  • Click Miscellaneous Settings.
  • Click Remove any Files......

Our system is automatically removing a certain list of file types. By adding specific types in this window, those files will now be allowed for your Mailing List.

  • Add the file type to be allowed.  (For example: ZIP)
  • Click Save.


Types of Attachments Removed

Compressed files and folders can be sent in various forms. Compressed files are sent as one file attached, which expands into many files. This type of file can be difficult to scan for viruses.

If a Subscriber sends an email with one of these file types attached, the email message will be sent to the Mailing List without the attachment.

File Type Description
Compressed archive - open source (IE Igor Pavlov's 7-Zip)
File archive compressed by WinAce
Compressed by ARJ - program uses Robert Jung compression
Compressed with Bzip - Unix systems, standard bzip utility
Compressed bzip2 - Unix systems
Windows Cabinet file - used for Windows software installations
Compressed by standard GNU zip (gzip) algorithm - Unix systems
Compressed by standard GNU zip (gzip) algorithm - Unix systems
CD or DVD disc image format, often used to copy CD/DVD
Java Archive File
Compressed using Lempel-Ziv and Haruyasu (LZH)
Consolidated Unix File Archive
Uuencoded File - Unix program that converts binary to text
XZ Compressed Archive
Unix Compressed File
Compressed file with one or more files compressed with Zip compression

Types of Rejected Emails will always reject email messages with the following types of attachments.

If a Subscriber sends an email with one of these file types attached, the message is rejected. Notice of the rejection is sent to the sender.

File Type Description
.bat DOS batch file used to execute commands
.btm database files generated using BizTalk Server software
.cmd script file that contains one or more commands
.com executable program
.cpl Windows control panel item
.dll compiled library of procedures and/or drivers
.exe executable program
.lnk Windows shortcut (link) to a original file, folder, or application
.msi Windows installer package
.pif program information file
.prf Outlook user profile
.reg Windows Registry file
.scr Windows screen saver
.vbs VB script file
.url Internet shortcut file