Help Message: Custom for your Subscribers.

By editing the Middle of Your Welcome Message, you can provide Subscribers with Help information specific to your List. This message can be used for new Subscribers and also as an automated response.

For example, you may choose to Pause your mailing list during the holidays. If anyone sends a message during the Pause, they receive your automated response from the Middle of Your Welcome Message.

Your custom Help message will be used in two places:

1) Middle of the Welcome Message

2) Help Message Auto Responder

Option for Custom Email Help

Provide your Subscribers with custom email help addresses for certain tasks. Simply add these email addresses to the Middle of Your Welcome Message. New Subscribers will learn of this option when receiving your Welcome email.

If Subscribers misplace the addresses, they simply need to send a blank email to the address listed below. The Help Message Auto Responder will send your custom help addresses to them via email.

[email protected]
(replace youremailgroup with your mailing list name)

Your options for custom help addresses are listed in the example below.

Example custom help

NOTE: The options below can also be added as links in the Mailing List email footer. For instructions, please see this post.

A blank message to will return an email with your custom help text.


Use the Web Interface to Change Settings

Log into your mail-list account at

  • Click Customize Your List.
  • Click New Subscriber Settings.
  • Click Middle of the Welcome Message.
  • Edit the text to your preference.
  • Click Save.

In the example below, the mailing list is only utilizing 2 custom Help email addresses.