Group messages by Tag/Category or "Likes".

If you have a large busy list, you can group messages by category or "like" important messages. This allows you to view just those emails via a separate web page in the web archive.

Basically, you are crowdsourcing your email stream into a structured knowledge base!

Use either Tag/Category or Like/Thumbs Up......or use both!

This feature is a Premium Option only, and you must be using the Searchable Web Archive.

How to Use This Feature

Tag/Category and Like/Thumbs Up are two features and may be used separately or together.

Before using these features, be sure you have chosen to use the Web Archive option. Step-by-step instructions are listed here.

Log into your mail-list account at

  • Click Customize Your List.
  • Click Premium Price Options.
  • Options for Tag/Category and Like/Thumbs Up are the 4 menu items circled below.
These are two separate features and may be used separately or together.
  • These features place Special Clickable Links at the bottom of each email.  
  • The special links can be shown only to List Moderators or to everyone on the Mailing List.

A sample of a clickable link is shown below. It contains a random, unique identifier.

NOTE: Categories are defined by List Moderators.

When the link is clicked on, a special web page is displayed.

Reporting Options

Your Subscribers can visit a special web page that displays the results of the Tag/Category grouping (Message Tags) and any Likes/Thumbs Up (Top Email Messages).

Note that each section has hyperlinks. Subscribers can view the messages in their topic of interest, or just messages considered the best (most Thumbs Up).

Later on, people can visit a special web page that shows the results of the grouping and any Thumbs Ups.