Seeing where emails were delayed.

Normally, when an email is sent to the Mailing List, our servers process and send that message to your Subscribers quickly.

Sometimes, much time passes before they are sent. Sometimes, the delays happen before the email even arrives at

See below for ways to find out what happened.

Incoming Header Report

This report shows you all headers on every message received at  By looking at the Received headers, you can trace the path of how the email got here.

The report calculates the time between each server relay during transmission.

How to request this report

Log into your mail-list account at

  • Click Get Reports.
  • Click Incoming Header Report.

NOTE: Click the images below to see in a larger view.

  • Click View Details for the email message in question.

In this example, 5 seconds passed from the time the email was sent to the Mailing List to the time it arrived at our server at