List Password: How to change.

Did an employee with access to your lists leave?

Did you accidentally expose your password?

We can reset your password to another random string.

Step One

Remove any List Moderators from your account that should not know the new password.

All Moderators will receive a new version of the QuickStart Manual.
The manual includes your new password.

Step Two

Ask us to change your List password.


Can I choose my own Mailing List password? Our list passwords are set to a random string, following best security practices.

This prevents anyone from guessing your password, then sending spam to your Subscribers.  

Why is a random password important?

A random, non-guessable password makes your Mailing List as safe as possible.

This is important for YOUR list as well as We do not want our IP addresses to be blacklisted for sending spam. This would be detrimental to email delivery for ALL of our customers.

Is this important for other internet accounts?


it's very important for you to use different passwords for every account you access via the Internet. It is especially important to have a unique password for your email account.

Why should my email account password be unique?

If you use the same email address and password at all of your Internet accounts, it puts you at risk. If one account is hacked, they will have access to all your other accounts, too.