Moderate Non-Subscribers.

Non-Subscribers are people you have approved to send messages directly to your Mailing List.

Why would I allow Non-Subscribers to email to my Mailing List?

Meeting Minutes

Your Mailing List includes businesses located within the City limits. The group is always interested in the outcome of City Council meetings. After every meeting, the Council Secretary emails the meeting minutes to your List.

Activity Updates

Your Mailing List includes attorneys. A class-action lawsuit has everyone's attention, and they want regular updates. You ask the Court Clerk to include your Mailing List address whenever official documents, notices or updates are sent.

Allowing Non-Subscribers is also helpful when a Subscriber was removed due to excessive bounces.

Option 1 - Moderate

For non-members you do not know well, you may want to approve their messages before sending to the entire Mailing List. In this case, turn on the Moderate Non Subscribers option.

With this option, any message from unknown email addresses will be routed to the List Moderator(s) for approval.

  • Click Moderate Non Subscribers.

How it works

When set to Yes, messages from non-subscribers are sent to the List Moderator for approval.

When set to No, messages are rejected and returned to the sender. This applies to:

- People who are not subscribers.
- Subscribers in Vacation Status.
- Subscribers removed for excessive bounces.

Option 2 - Do not moderate

Sometimes, you ask non-members to email your Mailing List. If you know these people well and trust what they will send, you can add their email address to the Post Only list.

When they send a message, it will immediately go to the Mailing List.

For step-by-step instructions, see Set up Post Only option for Subscribers.