Access your account and change settings for the List.

Log into your account by following these instructions.

Log into your mail-list account at

  • Click Log in Existing List.
  • Enter your List Name and Password.  
  • Click Log in button.
  • Click Customize Your List.

NOTE:  To add, remove or troubleshoot List subscriber, click Manage Subscribers or Get Reports.

Customize Your List options

A new window opens to display several categories to control your List settings.

  • Make changes by clicking the Category Name or the gray bar.
  • Each category has various options within it. Click to view available options.

Save Your Changes

After making required changes, click one of the two buttons as explained below:

Make the changes that you require and click on one of the two buttons as explained below:

Changes are Immediate

After clicking Save, changes are immediately saved to the database. The menu will now display the updated value.

After clicking Save, your changes will be saved to the database immediately

Email confirmation

An email is sent to you advising the changes have been migrated into production.

An email will be sent to you advising that the changes have been migrated into production: