Throttling: Reset for a specific Subscriber.

If an ISP is "having a bad day" and rejecting messages for one of your Subscribers, we will slow down deliveries. By doing so, your Subscriber will not be removed from your Mailing List for excessive bounces.

We call this "throttling". For a detailed description of this practice, please see Throttling email deliveries when the ISP is rejecting messages.

My Subscriber's ISP fixed the problem. How can we start delivering email to them again?

Once issues are resolved, you can ask our system to stop throttling that Subscriber's delivery. They will start to receive List messages sooner if you make this change manually. Otherwise, our system will automatically decide when to attempt the next delivery.

How to Stop Subscriber Throttling

Log into your mail-list account at

  • Click Manage Subscribers.
  • Click Special Handling For Subscribers.
  • Enter Subscriber email address(es).
  • Select Reset Throttling.
  • Choose email to send results.
  • Click Special Handling for Subscribers button.
Manage Subscribers

What Happens Next

The next Mailing List message will be sent to your Subscriber. If the Subscriber's ISP fixed the problem, they should receive the message.

Prevent Future Problems - Whitelist IP Addresses

Your Subscriber's ISP may wish to whitelist all of's IP addresses to prevent delivery issues.

Our IP address list can be found here.