Adjust the size and frequency of the Digest

In your account settings, select the default Digest size and whether it will be sent daily or weekly.

Use the Web Interface to Change Settings

Log into your mail-list account at

  • Click Customize Your List

Change Digest Size

  • Click Digests.
  • Click Maximum Size of Digest.
  • Select the maximum size.
  • Click Save.
Select the radio button preceding the appropriate option and click on Save button:

This option allows you to control the maximum size of the Digest. If the Digest is bigger than this maximum, it will be sent more often than the Digest Timing setting.

For example:  
If 32KB size is selected and the Digest size is 64KB on a certain day, your Subscribers will be sent two Digests on that day.

Similarly, if your Digest is sent once per week, it will be sent more than once if it exceeds the maximum size.

  • Default Digest maximum size is 384KB.
  • Default Digest Timing is daily.

Change Digest Timing

  • In the Digests Menu, click Digest Timing.
  • Select Daily or Weekly.
  • Click Save.
Select the option you want and save your settings: