Subscriber error message: "Sent from an unauthorized email address". allows members of your List to send a message as well as approved non-members.

  • Members may be subscribed on either your regular list or Digest.
  • Non-members are people you have approved to send messages to the List.

Sometimes, Subscribers try to send from a different email address.

Susie is on your list as                   [email protected]
but is trying to send email from      [email protected]

How to Resolve

STEP 1 - Ask the sender to forward the error message.

The circled part of the error message below indicates what address is being rejected.

Ask your subscriber to forward you the error message they are getting

STEP 2 - Verify the rejected address

If the sender is a member, verify their address is included in your List.

If the sender is a non-member, run a report to check their address. Continue to Option 3.


STEP 3 - Perform an option below

1. Members - Option 1: Add to your List

If the member's rejected address is not found, add the Subscriber to your List.


2. Members - Option 2: Add additional address

Subscribers can be allowed to have a secondary email address on your List. Set this address as Post Only.

Mailing List email will only be sent to the primary address. The Subscriber can send messages from either their primary or secondary address.


3. Non-members - Option 3

Address found on report

If the report shows the same address they are sending from, please contact for help.

Address NOT found on report

Follow the Post Only Instructions to add the non-member.


After completing one of the Options above, ask the Subscriber to send a new message to the List.

If they continue to receive an error, please contact us at