New Subscribers: Use our web page form on your website.

One of our Premium Options allows people to start the Mailing List subscription process using our input form placed on YOUR website.  

Example of the Web Page Form

NOTE: You can choose your own wording.

The webpage form will look something like this on your web site.

We send you a snippet of HTML to add to your website. HTML example shown below:

We will send you a snippet of HTML to paste into your web site, wherever you want.

You may need your Webmaster to help with this step.

Log into your mail-list account at

  • Click Customize Your List.
  • Click Premium Price Options.
  • Click Web Page Signup Form.
  • Click Use Our CGI.
  • Click Save.
Click on the radio button preceding "Use Our CGI" and then click on "mark field for update":

CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface, AKA the web page form.

To use our CGI, choose this option. Our CGI places a subscription box on your website. When someone new subscribes, our CGI emails a subscribe request to your list with the new email address.


Web Page "Thank you" Options


After clicking Save in the above section, you return to the previous window.

The two Menu options under Web Page Signup Form are now active.

You will be taken back to the previous screen where you will see two options under "Web Page Signup Form" is now active:

These options allow you to have custom web page messages for new Subscribers when they sign up from your website. Click these options to enter the web page addresses.

If you don't have these pages setup yet, just enter your website's home page URL.

Be sure to click Save when complete.

Example of Web Page Welcome Message

Once a new Subscriber has clicked Submit on the web page form, you can display a Welcome web page.

Example below:

After somebody has clicked on the "Submit" button on the webpage form, you can display a webpage to your subscribers, that may look like this:

Example of Web Page Thank You Message

After a Subscriber confirms the subscription, you can display a thank you web page.

Example below:

After a subscriber has confirmed the subscription, you can display a webpage like this to them:

Example if no Web Pages are Set Up

If you leave the Web Page options blank, our system will display a simple web page by default.

Example below:

A Welcome Message is also sent to the Subscriber via email. This message advises of their subscription to your List.