"Mobile First" Formatting: Designed for Small Screens.

"Mobile First" Formatting is a feature unique to Mail-List.com. Some list owners love it, and some list owners hate it.

This feature reduces bad formatting, fragments from replies, noise and bulkiness of email. This allows just the important words to be shown on your Subscriber's screen.

In addition, it allows the use of the Clickable Attachments feature. This turns ordinary attachments into a link inside the email. Subscribers can then choose whether or not they want the attachment. This also gives the option to ignore the attachment on a smartphone, but download it later when using a desktop.

When should you use this feature?
The larger your List, the more young Subscribers, the more message activity......the more you should turn this feature on. This gives users the option to better view messages on a mobile device.

Why would you not use this feature?
If you send event announcements, job postings, want to see your logo on emails, or your members like to reply in "red ink" (strong emphasis), you probably want this feature turned off.

NOTE: This feature is OFF by default.

For a summary of this option's benefits and features, please see What is "Mobile First" Formatting?

How to change this setting:

Log into your mail-list account at https://database.mail-list.com.

  • Click Customize Your List
  • Click Mobile First Formatting

For all new lists, this option is OFF by default.

  • Click Format All Email For Small Screens
  • Choose Yes
  • Click Save

Many of the 22 options in the Mobile First Formatting menu (partially shown below) are dependent upon Format All Email For Small Screens being set to Yes.

There are many options that are dependent upon Format All Email For Small Screens being turned on.


How can I prevent all attachments?

To stop any attachments from being sent to your List (including Clickable Attachments), you must use Mobile First Formatting then turn off the Allow Attachments option.

This option is ON by default.

What happens if I turn off Mobile First Formatting?

If Mobile First Formatting is turned off, our system will pass the email through to your List exactly as it is received.

None of the options listed above will be applied.