Subscribers: Manage for multiple Lists.

You can add, change or delete a Subscriber for some or all of your Lists with just one command.

Use the Web Interface

Log into your mail-list account at

  • Click Manager Subscribers.

Choose one of the options in the Manage Subscribers menu.

As an example, we will add 2 new Subscribers to multiple Lists in the steps below.

From the above menu, Add or Remove Subscribers was clicked.


  • Add the Subscriber's email address.
  • Choose an action.
Copy and paste in the subscriber's email address and choose the type of update you want
  • Choose an email address to receive a confirmation.
    • Once an email is selected, an option appears to choose other Mailing Lists.
  • Click the triangle next to Also Apply To These Lists.
After selecting your email address, you will see - Also Apply To These Lists
  • Choose any additional Lists.
  • Click the Blue button to perform the action.

This Subscriber change will be applied to all Lists selected.

Click on the blue button to apply your changes to all lists selected.

Only the Mailing Lists where you are the List Owner/Moderator will be shown.