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New Subscribers: How they subscribe to your List. (for Email Discussion Groups)

Most often, you will manually add Subscribers to the List. Mail-List.com also offers the option to add a new Subscriber sign up form to your web page.

When the Subscriber initiates the subscription process, the following steps occur:

Subscriber Initiated Flowchart

You decide whether the Subscriber joins automatically or if you moderate/approve them.

To moderate, turn on the Approve Each Subscriber option.

Example of Acknowledgement Message

If Approve Each Subscriber option is on, the Subscriber will be sent an Acknowledgement Message.

If "Approve Each Subscriber" option is on, the subscriber will be sent an Acknowledgement Message, which may look like this:

You can also change the Acknowledgement Message wording.

Example of Approval Email

The approval email includes your Mail-List.com password as well as the new Subscriber's email.

The body of the email is blank. Click Reply and Send to approve and add the Subscriber's email address.

You MUST reply to this email for the Subscriber to be added.

You will also be sent an email to approve the subscription, which will look like this:

Example - Subscriber Welcome Message

The subscriber will get your Welcome Message after their email address is subscribed. Here is an example:

Detailed instructions are available to customize the Welcome Message.