Keeping emails to your Mailing List short.

Some Mailing Lists attract wordy people.

To help keep emails short, you can control the message's maximum length. At the same time, you can allow the complete message to be posted in a Searchable Web Archive. This gives Subscribers the option to view the entire message.

To use this option, follow the instructions below.

Use the Web Interface

Log into your mail-list account at

  • Click Customize Your List.

Step One: Mobile First Formatting

  • Click Mobile First Formatting.
  • Click Format All Email.........
  • Click Yes.
  • Click Save.

After saving, you are returned to the Mobile First Formatting menu.

  • Click Number of Words to Keep When Truncating Posts.
  • Enter a number between 10 and 2000.
  • Click Save.

Step Two: Customize the Explanation

In the Mobile First Formatting Menu, choose Explanation Text if Post was Truncated. This is the explanation Subscribers receive in truncated messages.

NOTE: This option is grayed out until Step One above is completed.

  • The default value is displayed.
    • If you prefer, enter your own message in the window shown.  
    • Click Save.
  • You always have the option to display the default message, either now or in the future.
    • To return to the default value, click Use Default Value.
    • Click Save.

For future messages, the email body will be truncated after your word count is reached.

If the email contained attachments, they will be at the top of the message. Those words do not count toward the maximum number of words.

Details About This Option

  1. Step Two / Explanation Text: The default will match your account's current values for maximum number of words and Web Archive password.
    ***If you change these values in the future, you will need to update this message.***
  2. If you do not want the Web Archive password printed in the email, simply remove the password shown.
  3. Long messages will now be truncated for both regular and Digest subscribers.
  4. In the Web Archive, the original message will not be truncated.