Subject Line Tags: Use for more List structure.

If your Mailing List needs added structure, consider using Subject Tags.

You can limit messages to your List, based upon the start of the Subject Line.

What are Subject Tags?

Subject tags are one-word categories added to the beginning of a subject line. They can be customized to your List's needs.

Any Mailing List might use tags such as ADMIN for list administration emails, and MISC for general or off-topic emails. Subject Tags can also be specific to your List's main purpose.

For example, a Mailing List on "controlling clutter" might use tags such as:

TIP for helpful hints.
TASK when inviting others to participate in a cleanup challenge.
SUCCESS for announcing what they've accomplished.

Added benefit:
Requiring tags can also prevent spam messages sent by a Subscriber's hijacked account from ever reaching your membership.

A spammer won't know that a tag is required to send messages to your List.

Requirements on Usage

Subject tags require the subject line of an incoming message to meet certain requirements before being sent to the Mailing List.


  1. Restrict to only be used by List Moderators.
  2. Restrict by not allowing Replies.

Rejection if current subject tag not used

Emails not including current subject tags will be returned to the sender. The return email will state the post was not sent. A list of subject tags will be included, so the sender can update their message.

Use the Web Interface to Change Settings

Log into your mail-list account at

  • Click Customize Your List
  • Click Posting Messages to List.
  • Click Validate Subject Lines.
  • Click Yes.
  • Click Save.
Turn Validate Subject Lines option on

Add Rules

In Posting Messages to List Menu -

  • Click Validate Subject Line Rules.
  • Add rules in format shown.
  • Click Save.
Add rules by clicking on Validate Subject Line Rules

Rules Definition

Location Definition
First Column Word that MUST appear at start of Subject Line.
Second Column
Are Replies allowed?  (Yes or No)
Third Column
Can Subscribers use this tag?  (Yes or No)


MISC: No Yes
TIP: Yes Yes
TASK: Yes Yes

  • Only list moderators can use ADMIN at the beginning of the Subject Line.
  • Everyone can send messages with the other Subject Tags.
  • MISC cannot have Replies, but TIP, TASK and SUCCESS can have replies.