RFC 2919 - List-ID Header

Software that handles electronic mailing list messages (servers and user agents) needs a way to reliably identify messages that belong to a particular mailing list. With the advent of list management headers, it has become even more important to provide a unique identifier for a mailing list, regardless of the particular host that serves as the list processor at any given time.

The List-ID header provides a standard location for such an identifier. In addition, a namespace for list identifiers based on fully qualified domain names is described. This namespace is intended to guarantee uniqueness for list owners who require it, while allowing for a less rigorous namespace for experimental and personal use.

By including the List-ID field, list servers can make it easier for mail clients to provide automated tools for users to perform list functions. The list identifier can serve as a key to make many automated processing tasks easier, and hence, more widely available.

Helpful Information: http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2919.txt

Here is an example of the List-ID header:

Here is an example of the List-Id header: