What is a "Digest Email"?

Your Mailing List can have two types of members: 

  • Regular Subscribers
  • Digest Subscribers

Regular Subscribers

This type of Subscriber receives every email as it is sent to the Mailing List.

This includes new email messages as well as replies to previous emails.

Digest Subscribers

This type of Subscriber receives one email per day, sent after midnight. This email contains all the messages from that particular day.

Some of your Subscribers may prefer a Digest email, especially for a busy list.


Why would a Subscriber want the Digest version?

If you have a busy Mailing List with a lot of interaction, some Subscribers may prefer getting one email per day. This email summarizes all the conversations by topic. It's a quick and convenient way to catch up on what's been happening, all in one place.

Can my Subscribers switch between Regular and Digest?


In fact, they can easily manage their own subscription by clicking a link in an email.

Can I change a Subscriber's account to receive the Digest version?


By sending an "email command" to our system, you can add one or more Subscribers to the Digest List. Step by step instructions are explained here.

(Sorry, this option is not available in our web interface.)

Can I change the Digest timing?

While you cannot change the time of day, you can change whether to send daily or weekly. You can also set the maximum size of the digest.

For more information on these options, please see Adjust the size and frequency of the Digest.

More help can be found in the Digest Version Chapter of the User Manual.