Manual Chapters Defined

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The topics covered in this electronic manual are listed below.

Chapters in this Manual

Access Your Account - Your Password, how to access your account and make changes.

Archives - Short-term web archive, long-term & searchable Web Archives (Premium Option).

Best Practices for List Owners - Some of the hows and whys behind managing an email list.

Default Message Format - Why we prefer plain text email, headers & footers of your messages, etc.

Delivery Details - All things related to delayed delivery, bounced emails, etc.

Digest Version - Description and help for the once-per-day summary email option.

Email Software Help - Help with various programs.

Formatting for Mobile - How to set up your Mailing List to be smartphone friendly.

List Settings - Various set up options for your Mailing List.

Manage your Account - Invoicing, close a thread, pause a Subscriber, pause your List.

Reporting Options

Sending Messages - Scheduling messages, controlling Reply and Reply All reaction, attachments.

Subscriber Management - Many options available to add, welcome, moderate and manage your Subscribers.

Technical Support - Send your local techy here to help with error messages, DMARC, domains, etc.

Unsubscribe Options - Goodbye message, unsubscribe links and more.

Working with Multiple Lists - How to make, manage & report on a sub-group within your List.

FAQ's, References, Troubleshooting, Glossary - You know the drill. :)

How To Videos

The basic "managing your list" functions are also available in short videos.