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HELP: My Subscribers are getting a message about temporary delivery problems at their ISP.

What does this message mean at the top of an email to the Mailing List?

Why we insert this special message

Our mailing list system had problems delivering previous email to this Subscriber.

Their ISP was rejecting the email messages, which is referred to as a "bounce". Most likely, the problems were due to an email being considered Spam. This is typically a temporary problem.

After two bounce messages from their ISP, we start to throttle (or skip) deliveries. We do this so the Subscriber is not removed from the List for too many bounce messages. While delivery is throttled, the above special message is inserted as a courtesy to let your Subscriber know about the missing emails.

What happens when you throttle email deliveries?

We add this special message to your Subscriber's email. We continue trying to send email messages, but they are less frequent when an ISP is bouncing them. We will randomly skip some deliveries until we no longer receive bounce messages.

The random percentage to skip deliveries increases as more bounces are returned.

How long will this message appear on my Subscriber's emails?

This special message will appear while we are randomly skipping some email deliveries. The message is removed once we are sure the ISP problem is resolved.

Some ISP bounces happen immediately, while others take up to three days. Therefore, this special message can appear in your Subscriber's email for as long as 3.1 days, if there is low traffic in your Mailing List.

How do you know when an ISP problem is resolved?

We monitor ISP deliveries. For more information, see Monitor delivery at major ISPs.

When the bounces stop and we are sure emails are being successfully delivered, the special message is no longer inserted into your Subscriber's email.

Can my Subscriber see their missed messages?


Your Subscriber can read the blocked or skipped emails by visiting the website listed in the special message. This website contains all emails sent to your Mailing List for the past 2 weeks.

They will need to log in with the Username and Password also provided in the special message.