Add Subscriber: Directly to Digest option.

Your Mailing List can have two types of members: Regular Subscribers and Digest Subscribers.

The Digest Version is one email sent daily after midnight containing all messages from that day. Some of your Subscribers may prefer a Digest email, especially for a busy list.

Typically, your List members will manage their own subscription by clicking a link in an email. You also have the option to add Subscribers directly to the Digest Version. You will need to send an "email command" to our system. See the instructions below.

Use an email command to add Subscribers to Digest.

Create an email

Example of YOUR email to us:

To put people directly on the digest side, then you will have to skip the web interface and send in an email command.
  • In the To: field, enter your List name in the format shown above.  
    • Note the -d after your List name. This designation tells our system to use your Digest List.
      Format:  [email protected]
  • Add your List password in the Subject line.
  • Add the command APPENDLIST as the first line in the message body.
  • Add email addresses of Subscribers, one per line.

Our system will send you a confirmation email when this command is completed.

Digest Command Options

APPENDLIST -  add Subscribers silently (no Welcome Message).

FORCEON  -  add Subscribers and send your Welcome Message.

At this time, using an email command is the only option for List Owner/Moderators to add Subscribers directly to the Digest.

Subscribers can always manage their own account by clicking a link in email.