Resolve Spoofing errors for everyone at your domain name.

Traditionally, email discussion groups leave the sender's email address in the From header of the email.

A message to the Mailing List comes from the person that sent it, even though the servers are delivering the email.

This confuses some ISPs, and they will block the incoming email as being spam. They do this because they are not expecting email from their customer to come from a different server.

Error Message Example

550-5.7.1 Your message has been rejected.  The host which delivered your email is not listed as an authorized IP for the sending domain.

How to Fix This Problem

Option 1

Change the option to use the list address in the From header.

See How to improve the odds of the sender receiving messages they send.

Option 2

Add DNS records to your domain, allowing to send emails from your domain name.

See How to use my own domain instead of "" to send/receive messages to my List.