Popular Topics/Subjects and Top Posters.

A report is available showing the most popular topics for your Mailing List as well as the Subscribers that post most often. You can also set the desired result quantity for Top Posters.

Use the Web Interface

Log into your mail-list account at https://database.mail-list.com.

  • Click Get Reports.
  • Click Send Reports Via Email.
  • Click Top Posters and Topics.
  • Choose an email address to send the results. 
  • Click Send Reports.
Send Reports Via Email

Optional - Set Quantity

Use this option to change the report quantity of Subscribers who post most often. Default setting is 10.

  • Navigate to the Main Index menu and click Customize Your List.
  • Click Reports.
  • Click Number of Top Subscribers.
  • Choose desired number.
  • Click Save.
Select 10, 25 or 50 based on your preference:

Another option for popular topics is to Group messages by Tag/Category or "Likes".