Subscription Management: Add link for Subscribers to use.

Each email contains a link allowing users to Unsubscribe, per the CAN-SPAM Act. This link can be edited to allow users to manage their subscription, as well.

Subscribers can change their email address, put their account on vacation hold, or switch to/from the Digest. If preferred, you can restrict your Subscribers from making any or all of these changes to their account.

Message on Each Email

At the bottom of each email is a link that allows Subscribers to make changes.
Example below:

You can change this link and remove some of the options.

Use the Web Interface to Change Settings

Log into your mail-list account at

  • Click Customize Your List.
  • Click Unsubscribe Settings.
  • Several options are listed that allow you to Show or Hide the ability for Subscribers to make changes.
  • Review and toggle options, as needed.
There are several options that will allow you to Show or Hide the ability to make changes
  • Choose Show or Hide for each option.
  • Click Save.
Toggle the settings as you wish

Web Page Options

When your Subscribers click and visit the web page, their options for subscription changes are displayed.

CAN-SPAM Act of 2004

We must give your Subscribers an easy way to unsubscribe, in compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2004.

You can choose to receive a notification immediately whenever a Subscriber is removed from your List.