Welcome Message: Change message sent to new Subscribers.

After a new Subscriber is successfully added to your List, they automatically receive a Welcome Message.

You can change the default Welcome Message in your Mail-List.com account.

Use the Web Interface

Log into your mail-list account at https://database.mail-list.com.

  • Click Customize Your List
  • Click New Subscribers Settings
Log into your Mail-List.com account from https://database.mail-list.com and click on "Customize Your List" and then on "New Subscribers Settings":

Four options are available to customize the Welcome Message. Be sure to click Save as you make changes.

  • Subject Line On The Welcome Message
  • Welcome Message
  • The Middle of the Welcome Message
  • The Bottom of the Welcome Message

Be cautious when making changes to "The Middle of the Welcome Message".

This section may include instructions to Subscribers about changing their subscription, how to contact the List Owner, as well as other personalized Help information.

Helpful Information:

When you access the Welcome Message, you will notice the word "subscraddr".

Wherever you insert "subscraddr", it will be replaced with the Subscriber's email address when the Welcome Message is sent.

Welcome Message Example

This is how a welcome message looks like: