Web Archives: Long Term Message Storage

Web Archives is an optional feature in the premium package offered by Mail-List.com. This feature stores your messages in an online archive. Any attachments with the messages are only stored for one month.

Your Mailing List Archives can be viewed via a web browser, such as Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc. They can be open for public access or password protected.

Use the Web Interface to Change Settings

Log into your mail-list account at https://database.mail-list.com.

  • Click Customize Your List.
  • Click Premium Price Options.
  • Click Searchable Web Archives.
  • Click Create Web Archive.
  • Click Save.
Toggle the radio button for Create Web Archive

Effective immediately, messages sent to your List will be saved to your Web Archives.

Password Protect Archives

You can protect your Web Archives from the public by adding a password.

In the Premium Options Menu, click Password To See Web Archives.

Search Engine Access & Protecting Subscribers Email.

You can protect your Subscriber's email addresses within your Mailing List Web Archive. This feature protects your Subscriber's identities and contact information.

For ease in searching, you can allow Google to access your Mailing List Archive to read and index the information.

Both of these options are available in the Premium Options Menu.