Disable spoofing warnings in Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 / Office 365 / Outlook / Live / Hotmail

These email clients will sometimes include warning messages on emails from your Mailing List.

Example of the Warning

This sender failed our fraud detection checks and may not be who they appear to be.
Learn about spoofing.

This warning message is placed at the top of the email. It does not block the email, but it can confuse the recipient.

Disable the Warnings

You can disable these safety tips by following the screenshots below.

In order to make these changes, you must have Microsoft 365 admin permissions.

Bypass Exchange Online Protection in Microsoft 365

  1. Log in to the office portal.
  2. Under Admin Centers, choose Exchange.
  3. Under Mailflow, select Rules.
  4. Click the + to add a new rule and choose Bypass Spam Filtering from the menu.
  5. Set the following values:
    1. Name:     XXX Bypass  (Give this rule a name that makes sense to you.)
    2. Apply this rule if:     Apply to all messages
    3. Do the following:     Set the spam confidence level (SCL) to
    4. Audit this rule with severity level:     n/a
    5. Choose a mode for this rule:     Enforce
    6. Match Sender Address in Message:     Header or Envelope
  6. Click Save to add the rule.

See associated screenshots in sections below.

New Rule Summary

List of all Rules